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"WikiTheWriting involves IncorporatingTheIdeasOfOthers in various ways: BuildingOnTheIdeaOfOthers, ModifyingTheIdeasOfOthers, EditingTheIdeasOfOthers. This leads to some consideration of TheRoleOfTheEditor on a wiki. It also shapes the way we write pages on the wiki. We write with the knowledge that OthersWillContribute. We write to EncourageOthersToContribute." --> taken from SentencesAboutWritingOnAWiki

Writing on a wiki is very simple. It's the main reason why they were built. Wikis are also a great way to share information. But in order to do so, you need to do your research and gather your resources on the topic you want to write about.

Wiki's provide the perfect space for creative thoughts and discussion.

Actually Writing on a Wiki

Just imagine a space free of anything: no preconceived notions, no significant restrictions, no previous voices. One person can start a whole new sort of revolution with the written word, given the right ones.

It can be kept private and personal; it can be shared with family and/or friends; it can be shared with the world.

The coolest thing: all you have to do is write.

Many create complicated interfaces to share their thoughts, fill them with extra mumbo-jumbo, but this isn't necessary. Seriously, no pressure.

Our own M.C. Morgan wrote an article on Getting Started Writing on a Wiki and described a "minimalist" writing space with "pedestrian" controls, "fundamental" formatting, and "basic" tools.


Getting Stated on A Wiki
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