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===== Wiki Supports Topical Writing =====

A wiki - unlike a traditionally designed web site - encourages topical writing by basing its functionality on topics. That is, writers design and build the wiki by creating topics. Fusing words creates a topical writing space and sets up that space for text writing:

- it creates a new topic title, which can be used as a link any place in the wiki
- it creates a new writing space for that topic
- it creates a link to that space

Once a topic is created on a wiki, it is available for use anywhere in the wiki. Whenever the topic title - the WikiWord - is typed, it links to the writing space for that topic.

So, I can call up a topic from another part of this essay - TopicalWriting - and place it here, in a new context.

At this point - as typical of topical writing - we have a choice:

- We can look at how the malleability of hypertext helps the writer compose by allowing her to create and maintain a NetworkOfTopics.

- Or we can look at another illustration of malleability that is especially pronounced on a wiki: ReaderWriterAuthorship.


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