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Title: Research Paper Representation Via Wikki

Wiki URL:

Executive Description:
The processes involved with researching, organizing, and writing and rewriting a Masters thesis will be used to create a personal wiki space. The wiki’s digital abilities to create and link across specific content pages, organize thought, and easily assimilate new or polished writing to specific content areas, will be heavily utilized.

The purpose of this project will be to use the online affordances offered by the wiki platform to document research, thought processes, and create a final interconnected frame work to represent the creation of and finale of a Masters thesis. Main pages of this wiki will address major themes of the research paper, a main page composed of a document mode page for current notes and reflection of recent work, a bibliographic page-potentially with annotations. Included within the document mode page will be the double line to separate those ideas which are ready for removal to correct theme pages, and those thoughts which need to be more fully fleshed out. The hope here is to successfully decentralize and hyper-text the generally linear entity that is a research paper.

As with any good wiki, the interconnected nature of the site will be key. The first step in its creation will be to consider the research paper’s current and expect contents, and create wiki pages to reflect these concepts. The majority of wiki pages will thereafter represent major themes or concepts of the research paper, helping to pull the work away from its linear roots. The paper in question deals primarily with Emersonian and Thoreauvian interpretations of Nature, humanity, and spirit as separate and yet extremely intertwined entities. With that being the case, linking between pages will be paramount to point to the connections between the concepts. In addition, outside resources such as prezi or other concept mapping tools will be added to the pages, and/or linked to in an effort to aid in visualizing connections and theoretical constructs. Resources dealing with content will also be linked to when applicable.

The PhD dissertation wiki project of Cresencia, offers a look into the process of using a wiki to organize knowledge and collaborate. This wiki will be based more on the finished project than the research process itself. Cresencia’s section “Recently Created Pages”offers an example of what I feel the document mode page may look like, with a composition of many notations and links, or thoughts and connections. Upon this usage, the this wiki page will be used more as a personal space. While this is blog-esque, the connectivity of the wiki as a organizer of knowledge will be main playing field for this project.

Currently, the final project report may consist of both a wiki document to explain the final composition of the wiki in terms of each page’s theme and general relation to the whole. In addition, Prezi may be used to help visualize the final product’s scope, and potentially to order all of the wiki pages in a manner which (I am hoping) will roughly correspond to the research paper’s final organization.

Graduate Student Readings:
The scope of this project, I feel, places it firmly within the digital humanities. This is due to the project’s repurposing of academic work to reflect the possibility for the advanced and eased sharing, as well as organizational and linking capabilities, afforded through the wiki platform. Chosen readings will reflect the theory and possibilities of wiki based writing and collaboration.
Websites to be reviewed:
Cresencia Fong’s research wiki:

The generic hosting website,, will also be reviewed as it hosts research wikis in an effort to cultivate collaboration.

François Savard’s wiki page “Personal wiki: a tool to centralize your note-taking,” taken from his wiki,Structure in the Flow . Primarily I plan on looking at the section dealing with personal knowledge management.

Potential academic journals:
Manovich, Lev. “The Practice of Everyday (Media) Life: From Mass Consumption to Mass
Cultural Production?” Critical Inquiry. 35.2 (2009): 319-331. Jstor. Web. 22 Mar. 2013.

Schole, Robert, and Clifford Wulfman. “Humanities Computing and Digital Humanities.” South
Atlantic Review. 73.4 (2008): 50-66. Jstor. Web. 22 Mar. 2013.

Weingarten, Karen, and Corey Frost. “Authoring Wikis: Rethinking Authorship through Digital
Collaboration.” Radical Teacher 90 (2011): 47-57. Ebsco. Web 22 Mar. 2013.

Weekly Report URL:

Grade Contract:
I am expecting between 6-10 nodes, depending on how broadly I consider some of the paper’s concepts. For instance, the usefulness of materiality was considered quite differently by Thoreau and Emerson. I may choose to split this up into two pages, yet at the same time, I can potentially see the concept fitting neatly onto one page. My hope is to add material on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with the weekends free to concentrate on research which may be noted in the document mode page.

Contracting for a 250 point, A level, project.

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