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After the Credits

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Email Address: Jennifer.VonOhlen@live.bemidjistate.edu
Project URL: http://atcredits.wordpress.com

Executive Description
By using a blog separate from the one I have been using in class, I will be writing on the different aspects of cinema in order to inform others about what is involved in this industry. A blog is a more acceptable platform for opinionated posts and will therefore be more compatible with my weekly movie reviews.

Being a person who appreciates the quality and entertainment values of motion pictures, I hope to be both informative to those who may not understand the developmental process involved with American movie making and to attract readers who are enthusiastic about the patterns found in cinema. While much of my project will be information based, I will still have opinionated posts and that makes me want to publish this project through a blogging platform. I will still include a comments section on the bottom for readers’ discussions to take place, but I want the information provided to come mainly from my personal thoughts and research. I believe that a blog will inform the reader of that before he or she even begins reading.

In order to move away from the general movie reviews where the writer simply states what he or she did and did not like about a movie, I will be looking at the movie industry as a whole. I will have posts addressing different directors (how they became involved in movie making, their most famous pictures, and their artistic styles) actors (biography, well-known roles, upcoming projects), score composers (where they get their ideas and notable compositions), large and small studios (the history of their foundation, current events, and American icons that are or were involved with them), book adaptions (how does a movie compare and contrast with its book counterpart? What would I have done differently, if anything?), and movie reviews. In preparing for this project, I took a look at previous a Weblogs and Wikis student’s movie Tumblr blog and noticed that she included “Top-5” lists for different genres of movies. I personally would have liked more information to have been available, such as how these made on her list. Therefore, in my weekly movie reviews I will be including explanations as to why or why not an actor fit his role or what made the movie’s score send shivers down my spine. I believe this will provide a stronger prompt for discussions and will inspire readers to watch a familiar movie differently for the first time (perhaps someone has never noticed the background music of an action scene before and this will make them listen harder next time). I will also not be discussing any movies currently in theaters, since I personally do not like hearing others opinions about a film before seeing it so that I can have my own interpretation of it without any outside factors. Therefore the movies being reviewed will be at least one year old so that others will have had a chance to have seen it beforehand and therefore contribute to any discussions that should follow. All resources will be linked along with official movie, director, actor, and composer websites. Polls will also be included at the end of each post to allow readers a quick and easy way to interact.
The blog will be organized through the categories I have mentioned above—directors, actors, movie reviews, composures, studios, and book adaptions. Each post will be placed under one of these categories, making it easier for readers to navigate. The latest post will appear on the blog’s home page to give newcomers an idea of what the blog focuses on. An about page will also be composed to inform readers about the content of the blog and what information they can expect to find on my site. Every post will include at least one image that contributes to the information provided (such as a director’s page containing images of him or herself or covers of movies he or she has done). If a post provides more than one image within the text, it should still be related to the content as well as break up the reading so the post is more appealing visually. Included video clips will consist of interviews and official movie trailers. A contact forum will also be available so readers can send in requests for future posts. As a whole, this blog should give its readers a new insight to movie making, provide a list of movies made by the same director of a movie they already like for future movie nights, and make them more attentive to every aspect of a movie rather than simply famous actors and plotlines.

At the end of this project, my final report will be published on my class blog Jen’s Quill Pen. This report will consist of my experience in maintaining an active and consist blog, what the readers’ interaction was (if any), what I learned about profession of being a fulltime blogger, and whether or not I intend on keeping up with the blog after the project deadline has passed.

Weekly Reports
Weekly reports will be post on Jen’s Quill Pen at www.jensqp.wordpress.com

Contract for Grade
I will be contracting for 250 points. To achieve this I will be posting at least three days a week and each post will include at least 500 words. A movie review can be expected weekly with the other posts fitting into one of the above categories.
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