Wiki Gardener

A Wiki Gardener is a curator of a wiki page that checks up on the page to ensure that the "weeds" are being removed and the "plants" are growing.

WikisNeedGardening. As a result of this, these gardeners must come and make sure that wiki pages do not sprawl out of control, having so many links and links to links that the page becomes unreadable and too difficult to navigate. When the gardener Refactors a page, they make changes as necessary to edit and improve the look and content of a page. Gardeners make these edits to improve readability of the content, accessibility of the page and related pages, and navigation among the related pages.

Roles of a Wiki Gardener

A wiki gardener should strive to do the following, according to the Seibert-Media Weblog:

Wiki Gardening Responsibilities

Wiki gardening requires time and effort, but it is also important that the time and effort is being used wisely in order to be most effective when gardening a wiki page.
The requirements of wiki gardening are as follows, according to Beth Kanter:

1. Prepare your garden bed 2. Plant your seeds 3. Tend to your Garden - Water, Fertilize, and Weed 4. Harvest and Enjoy
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