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=====Wikis As Social Notebooks =====

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-A shared notebook in which users collaborate on ideas, stories, lists, and anything else they see fit.
- Also where users and readers can discuss topics and subjects.


-[[ | Social Networking Service]]
-[[ | Collaborative Writing via Wikipedia]]
- TheCollectiveNotebook: A Wiki is a collective chalkboard, continuously scribbling as if you are writing with chalk. Still not sure the difference.
- TheCollective: Sign your name on the collective, and refrain from being just an anonymity that appears on the Wiki; that is tacky.
- TheEditor: When using the Wiki as a social notebook you either obtain the role of writer or editor.
- CollaborationConventions: Rules on page ownership and the obligation to write.
- RefactoringPages: Use refactoring as a way to develop pages.
"While pages develop or evolve as contributers return to them, read them, edit, add, or reorganize them, refactoring is a conscientious technique for developing them."
- CollaborateRadically: Offer a non-neutal standpoint, edit, and collaborate often.
"Radical collaboration, in which (in principle) anyone can edit any part of anyone else's work, is one of the great innovations of the open source software movement. On Wikipedia, radical collaboration made it possible for work to move forward on all fronts at the same time, to avoid the big bottleneck that is the individual author, and to burnish articles on popular topics to a fine luster."
- WikiAsPersonalNotebook: Like this, but without groups.
"An example of using a wiki as a personal notebook is a PersonalPage. For the purposes of this class, each PersonalPage is linked to using the name of a student. This could be used as an introductory page, a place to keep notes for class, management of a project, a way to organize personal links such as social media websites, blogs, and frequently visited pages. When working with your personal page, if you use it to keep track of notes and things like that, it can quickly become a web of pages."


- **Academic**: Like in this class, students use Wikis as social notebooks to collaborate on schoolwork.
- **Casual**: Going camping? Make a supplies list with your fellow campers!
- **Professional**: Co-authoring a book? Use a wiki to compile and build upon creative ideas and business-related information.
- **Social**: Though lacking likes and friends lists, wikis can be used to connect social circles. This is probably not a primary use, however.

===Where To Go From Here===

-Starting Out: OnFirstEnteringAPage
-Know the difference: WikiAsPersonalNotebook
-Creating a Community: WelcomeRitual

===Expanding and Thinking Differently===

-Technology & Social Progress: MediaRevolution
-Wikis: Social Notebooks & Social Developments: WikiIdeology

======Other Thoughts======
All wikis are used as social platforms. I mean, think about it. If a wiki can be edited by **anyone**, then that is a form of a social network.

What about a social diary. I know a social notebook is all about sharing your ideas with people and being creative, but what if everyone wrote a passage in a social diary, or not even a passage, but just what was happening in their life that is important or cool. This brings me to another idea. You could have a social story where everyone can add to the story. It would be like when multiple authors write a book but much more casual and informal.

That would be cool.

Everyone would have the freedom to make the story better or more interesting and no one would know what was going to happen next until the next person wrote about it.


- TheCollectiveNotebook
- TheCollective
- TheEditor
- CollaborationConventions
- RefactoringPages
- CollaborateRadically
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