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Wiki As Notebook

A notebook is a place where you can store your thoughts, notes, drawings, etc. A notebook is always just a book of binded pages. It can be online too. In a blog or in a wiki for example. Using wiki as a notebook would mean that you would use your wiki as a place to type up your thoughts and notes.

There are many advantages to using wiki as a notebook. There's no losing them or potentially ruining them. They will always be online, able to accessed through multiple devices. There are many ways to keep a notebook online. There are a handful of apps like Notational Velocity and MsOutlook. These are a few that were listed in the article I read by Seitz. Even though these are good outlets, wiki has multiple things that could benefit you if you used it as a notebook. There is a lot of freedom on wiki. You have the freedom to organize your thoughts however you'd like. There is also the
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