Wiki As Notebook

A notebook is a place where you can store your thoughts, notes, drawings, etc. A notebook is not always just a book of binded pages. It can be online too. In a blog or in a wiki for example. Using wiki as a notebook would mean that you would use your wiki as a place to type up your thoughts and notes.

There are many advantages to using wiki as a notebook. There's no losing them or potentially ruining them. They will always be online, able to accessed through multiple devices. There are many ways to keep a notebook online. There are a handful of apps like Notational Velocity and MsOutlook. These are a few that were listed in the article Why Use a Wiki For Your Notebook I read by Bill Seitz. Even though these are good outlets, wiki has multiple things that could benefit you if you used it as a notebook. There is a lot of freedom on wiki. You have the freedom to organize your thoughts however you'd like. There is also the links you can add. If you are writing about a specific topic and another topic pops into your head you can create another page and link it to your notes. When you go back and revisit that certain wiki page you will see a link to another one. This can be really beneficial and also be a good way to organize. You can have pages about specific things and always go back and edit or add to them if you want. Also having these different branches of thoughts as links can help you think more deeply about your topic. Being able to seperate these ideas can help you expand on certain topics and push ideas into different directions. - AbbieEdman

According to Tommy Ryan's online podcast, wikis are also a good place to take notes, because they are easy to change and collaborate with others. Using a wiki as a notebook allows all of the contributors of a work to have a central place that they can all get to and share and work on documents together simultaneously. Wikis feature of easily adding links to the page and creating new pages within a page is an easy way for users to separate and organize their work. -KendraHacker

Although wikis are a great way to note-take, there are some disadvantages. The formatting of wikis are very open, but at some times when people do format, they don't do it as fast. - KendraHacker

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