I think that a Wiki could easily be used as a space for an unpublished author or writer to publish his or her work. I imagine it would be easy to have a easy to follow library, where somebody could click links to books or writings and then click the chapters of each book on that book's page. Almost like the way a Kindle or ereader works. Also a good format to write a choose your own adventure book.

Sort of like TheMemex.

On the topic of a choose your own adventure book, a creative author could use a wiki to set up their story, almost like a game. A reader would read the page then select a decision from a list of decisions.
For example:

You come across a deep ravine. There are no visible ways around this ravine. You do notice there is a rope bridge, however it doesn't look very stable. There is also a vine you could swing across on but it wouldn't be long enough to get you to the top so you would have to climb. Lastly you could summon a giant eagle to carry you across the ravine.

Do you:

You will notice if you click SummonAGiantEagle you get more story where the other two end the story. This is just something I thought would by a fun idea.
Written by: MattLavrenz


I think that this would also be an excellent chance for writers to collaborate together on work. On the same note as the choose your own adventure book, the writers could work together to come up with a larger, more extensive piece or help to edit each others' work and make it better.


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