Wiki As A Culture

The Wiki is a culture in and of itself. Just as the people within a culture have a system of attitudes, a system of doing things, a system of values, so does the Wiki culture.

Goals and Values

In this particular Wiki, the community has roots within the class Weblogs and Wikis. Because of this, everyone within the class works towards a common goal and a common purpose. This shows cultural values, as each class participant works towards the common goal of learning within the class.


Within the WikiWorld is GettingTheWikiAttitude. This attitude is central. It shapes our writing and shapes the community.

Wikis Social "Do's" and "Don'ts"

Just as there are social "do's" and "don'ts" of any culture, Wiki has these too.

How the Culture Works


The uniqueness of the WikiCommunity is that it BuildsItselfFromTheInsideOut. No one can put a certain formality to it. The WikiCulture just blossoms and grows. It creates, re-creates, shapes, and re-shapes. It is constantly changing and growing and forming a CommunityOfIdeas.


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