A Call To Organize A Wiki

One of the common complaints about a wiki is that there is an apparent lack of organized structure.

The Defense
"Once the initial wave of adverse symptoms passes, recovery is supported by a loose collection of contextual signposts that can be remarkably descriptive." -BrianLamb-

The Rebuke to the Defense
"No matter how descriptive, too many SignPosts that are loosly collected will leave many roads untraveled." -TheCollective-

Shopping for Wiki pages
Perhaps the word "map" is not the word we're looking for when we're thinking "INeedAMap" about wikis. How about INeedABrowser?

There needs to be a better system of navigation rather than a recent post page and an index. These tools are good to have, but they are too thick. No one wants to waste time looking through crap they don't care about to get to the good stuff. The challenge is to create a system that makes it easy to find things while not obstructing the flow of the wiki. Listing every link on a page would be a daunting and pointless task and would defeat some of the advantages of spontaneity in creating wiki links.

Proposition for a Programmer

What is proposed is something along the lines of programing and making algorithms of automatic and helpful code that is embedded into the wiki. It would catch any new link that gets created and sort it into a few broad catagories...

All of these would be organized into a browser style with advanced features to include, or exclude, certain criteria. Unlike a search bar, browsing enables you to find topics you never thought existed without guessing or trying to find things by accident. You can never go wrong with a BrowsingFeature that is organized. It becomes like a shopping experience. For example,

If you have doubt of the usefulness in browsing by category just check out any online store, such as [http://www.buy.com Buy.com].

Further Areas To Explore

*And Miscellaneous Others...

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