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Added: "It can be difficult for new wiki users (or even a WikiPro) to let go of the idea that what they write on a wiki is their own and the subsequent attitude that whoever changes it is rude/has an attitude/has a grudge against the OP/etc. It's easy to get angry or offended when someone changes content that you feel you've worked hard to perfect. The social aspect of a wiki requires a major shift in attitude from one of complete ownership to one of collaboration. Nothing belongs to any one person, it all belongs to the community."

Added: "With more people editing the wiki, it's more likely that repetitive pages will pop up, such as the case of WikiForNewbies and WikiNoobs. It isn't unusual for more than one person to see the need for a page, create said page, and then find out that they weren't the only one. Redundant pages can only be deleted by an admin, so the easiest way for the general users to correct such a problem would be to take the topic in multiple directions. WikiForNewbies and WikiNoobs may seem identical based on the title, but one acts more as a guide for new users, and the other is about what makes someone a "noob." Same general topic (wikis and new users), two very different pages."
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