What Makes Wiki Writing So Easy

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No Limits

There are no restrictions on wiki writing topics. By their nature, in fact, wikis encourage users to write about anything and everything, relying on the collective intelligence of the internet to refactor like pages into one and to rid pages of bad content. Of course, it is important to not confuse "no limits" with "no regulation." Yes, you can write whatever you want, but you should try to post content that is accurate and respectful, or the SoftSecurity that wikis employ will take action to correct what you post. In most situations this won't affect day-to-day content generation (unless you're on well known public wikis, which are more likely to attract trolls simply because they have a high volume of users), so in effect there are no limits.


Almost anybody can add to or edit existing wiki content, or create a wiki page using a new WikiWord. The exception to this would be a wiki that requires a password or invitation to access the editing feature, though the content usually still be viewed by an outside audience. This would be known as a fish bowl wiki. Generally, though, wikis provide a level of accessibility that makes wiki writing easy.


The information on a wiki isn't usually cluttered with images and instead is generally presented in a straightforward way and under a logical structure. Some may think this looks boring, but actually it can be quite helpful for locating the information you need without becoming distracted. Also, due to the overall absence of color on the page, links to relevant content and outside sources are easier to spot, since link text is in color.

Collective Intelligence

Wiki content is usually the result of a collaborative effort between multiple wiki users. While a printed version of an encyclopedia may need annual updating, a wiki can be reworked and edited to fit and reflect changes immediately. This concept is also referred to as "swarm intelligence" or "the hive mind."

Nothing is Permanent

No matter how many changes are made to a wiki page, those changes can always be reversed. This could come in handy if, for example, a spammer got hold of an unattended wiki and filled the page with links to viruses, advertisements, or nonsense.


Wikis are so versatile! Wikis can be used to compile any kind of information. Wikis can be comprised of personal pages and group discussions, created by teachers as a virtual classroom for their students, organizing information between friends such as when planning a camping trip as shown in the video - Wikis in Plain English. Here is a list of - 50 Ways to Use Wikis for a More Collaborative and Interactive Classroom.
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