From TheWikiWayChap10:

“Also, with books, the written word is the gospel truth. It can't be changed. The written word is forever, while wiki's are constantly changing, evolving, into something that can take new shape or have a new meaning everyday.”

Wiki’s have always thrown me for a loop for just this reason. Decades of reading other’s works, and writing my own had created a background that does not easily synch up with the wiki way. Thursday I changed *and to *that on a page. I cannot remember the page, I told myself I would write it down, and also remember it; yup, nope. Just changing the one word though was enough for the day. I read the handouts, took notes like a good student, used a pen and highlighter to comment/note, and even with that, breaking the authorship barrier was difficult. Even though I read through the line more than a few times, and decided that it worked better with this small change, it still felt…just plain weird.

I added onto WikiPhilosophy listing off some of the basic themes I noticed. Just wanted to see what sort of additions might come about. Additionally, I added a comment below the double line on the NeutralPOV of a wiki based on the differences between thread mode and document mode.

What I have found for many of the pages that I have read is two things: 1) as a student, if I don’t see that double line, I feel extremely unsure about changing what is written, and 2) most of what I read I completely agree with. Week One of Wikis has shown that I am a tentative mover and shaker.

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