Week 7 Notes and Such

Produsage meaning and possible "must haves":
Peer-to-peer collaboration of...whatever. It breaks the cycle of the simple producer or consumer model. It allows the amateur to get involved in producing, creating what could be called a hybrid consumer/producer. Any social networking site seems to be a breeding grounds for this. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Youtube etc. all allow people to share something, photos, links, thoughts, something of interest to you and possibly others. This also means that things are constantly evolving and (for the most part) everything is modern and is subject to change with the times. It "...does not work towards the completion of products (for distribution to end users or consumers); instead, it is engaged in an iterative, evolutionary process aimed at the gradual improvement of the community's shared content."

It has to be open to new members. The more members that can contribute, the wider the range of skills, talents and knowledge that can be acquired. There isn't really an assurance of quality other than the sheer number of people that will participate to fix or refute the bad posts.

Interesting Artefacts and Learned-so-far pages


Produsage communities: probably flickr photography communities


Possible Artefact Examples

MSI music to Pokemon video clips - from Youtube

Images people write on to get a different or desired effect - Google Images
 (image: http://www.admavericks.com/wp-content/uploads/fail28-300x220.jpg)

Music video made from an autotuned tv news report - Youtube


OER - http://www.meaningprocessing.com/personalPages/tuomi/articles/OpenEducationalResources_OECDreport.pdf
Ad hoc - latin for "for this." The term is generally used to imply that something is intended for a particular situation or purpose. In produsage groups, everyone can participate, but there seems to be groups that overlook the materials.

Thoughts on sites so far


This site has a massive amount of photos, but the thing that


A site that allows you to post videos. You can follow and have other people follow your account if they like your videos. On each specific video, there is a place for peoples comments, a like or dislike feature, and an option for a video response (possibly a better version of a video, a different take on the subject matter or possibly something to refute the video all together).

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