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=====Weblogs and Wikis Week One 2012=====
>>{{image url="" }}>>We'll spend the first two weeks getting organized and establishing personal learning networks.

Your part is to register with some social services and with our weblog, The Daybook; to do some reading and some viewing of videos; and to start responding to those materials on your own weblog, tagging them #en3177 so they can be found by others; and start to locate and link up with others (in this class and out) who share your interests. My part is to seed the resources, help you get registered on the Daybook, and to set up aggregators that will locate your tagged materials and post them to the Daybook.

Expect to get set up with a blog, bookmarking, and tagging on your own. When in doubt, just Google it, check The Daybook, or ask on Twitter.

You're getting set up this week, but you're also trying to learn as much as you can about using the social media tools for locating and gathering materials. You're learning how to incorporate links, how to add things to your blog and bookmarking site. You're getting comfortable with the social side of learning online.

====In class====
- Demonstration
- Pattern: aggregate, annotate/remix, repurpose, feed forward
- Goggle it.
- Bookmarklets

==== Reading ====
- Rettburg, chap 1: Blogging
- Levinson, chaps 1 and 2.

====Set Up Activities====
- Set up a weblog at [[ WordPress]].
- Email the url of your blog to Go to your weblog, then select File > Mail Link to This Page to me.
- Make a couple of blog posts using the tag #en3177. Anything you publish using the tag #en3177 will be aggregated on The Daybook. You can post about getting set up, about the readings for the week ... something that will be valuable to you in the class.
- Install the wordpress bookmarklet. Under dashboard > Tools.
- Sign up with Twitter. Follow [[]], and start to follow each other. Tag tweets of interest to us with #en3177 so they can be searched for. The twitter feed might not be aggregated on the Daybook (I'm checking on this), but we'll see it in our twitter streams.
- Sign up with,, or for social bookmarking. Email your address to me and I'll connect to the aggregator. Grab the bookmarklet for your bookmark site so you can readily bookmark sites. Start bookmarking your movements and tagging what you find with #en3177.
- Once you're set up, make another post to your weblog, detailing how it went, and incorporating links to your twitter page and your social bookmarking account.

==== Notes====
- Submit materials, questions, your work, or anything of interest to the class by using the tag #en3177.
- Keep up with the class by visiting The Daybook, your own weblog, and by checking twitter. When you see something that interests you on The Daybook, comment on it. The comment will take you to the poster's blog.
- You can also follow RSS feeds by using Google Reader. Go to to get started. Subscribe to the feeds you want. Check it daily, or you can set Reader to email you updates daily.
- Post Q and A to The Daybook.

=== Activities ===
As you work through getting set up, be //annotating//, //remixing//, //repurposing//, and //sharing// what you're doing. Post on your blog your accounts of your work: others can learn from them. Post to Twitter when you make a new blog post, when you have a success, when something goes wrong. Read posts on [[ The Daybook]] - check in daily, follow the links, and comment on the posts of others to trade ideas and information.

As you set up and read the chapters, just google those ideas and issues and leads that strike you as interesting. Locate information, and bookmark what you find on your bookmarking site. Start tagging posts so you can find them and share them later.

====Optional Activities ====
- Locate and follow Jill Walker Rettburg and/or Paul Levinson on Twitter.
- Start following each other on Twitter so you can stay in touch for the course.
- Set up your smart phone for work for this class: twitter, bookmarking, blogging. Android and iPhone have apps for many social media services.

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