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======Weblogs ++& Wikis++ and Journalism======
- GrantGartland
- KatherineGrandstrand
- EmilyHalla
- EricNorquist

- [[ Barreiro's Blog]]
- [[ Twins Insider]]
- [[ In the Booth]]
- [[ Sap Central]]
- [[ NYT "Motherload"]]

====Function for Professional Journalists====
- A place to write freely with openly admited personal bias unlike a "traditional" news story
- Pros (not us)
- All of your bottled up opinions came come out in your blog.
- Lets everyone be an opinion writer, whether they are or not.
- Increases overall knowldge through the use of links to other opinions and articles on the same issue.
- Cons (possibly us)
- Fear of decreasing readership due to your stance on an issue.
- Fear of losing your job, and other repercussions.

====Impact of Non-Professional Journalistic Blogging on Journalism====
- An alternative to large media.
- It provides experts a chance to publish their work or opinions on an issue.
- Misinformation/Could spawn a string of rumors and lies
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