I must admit that my opinion of Wiki's is changing as I learn more about them. Yesterday I posted something on wadesandstrom.wordpress.com My Blog that

constructively bashed wiki's while most other comments on the Day Book where in praise of the format. I still stand by my

criticisms, but am also ever so slightly beginning to see some of the potential uses wiki's have that other less controvercial formats lack. This reformation is

due in part to my continuing education on the topic, but also to the fact that I admit that I was holding a bit of a grudge over having to learn something

that was entirly new and thus frightening to me. Indeed I am currently enjoying the heck out of the fact that I just created my first Wiki page.


Though I see I'm gonna have to learn how to alter the word wrap setup.

I've been looking around our class Wiki a bit lately and I'm suprised by how bare bones the Wikifish wiki is. That's something that really bothers me about wikis. they look like construction sites at all times while blogs can look beautiful and

polished. Check out this blog called the The Huffington Post. This blog is currently in the top spot of the

Technorati top 100 blogs website. It's like reading an inredibly trendy and up to date news magazine. It's so

beautiful that I could see myself checking it for updates every day... and to

bask in it's tech savy gossipy glory. I know that the topic of wiki ugliness is addressed in one of our required reading, but it's the first thing I noticed

when approaching the format. Why would you want your format to make a bad first impression? Initially I thought that Wikipedia was

aiming for a cyberpunkish image, but now I learn that they're all that way. This concludes my aimless text. I hope I did this mostly right.

I'm aware that when I save my work it's all weird and ends short of the edge of the page, and I will remedy this very very soon... once I figure out how.

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