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A collective page of advice on writing blogs and wikis.

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==Short but often==
When in doubt, go for short but often. Shorter postings more often - daily - move projects along more quickly than longer postings less often. Both blogging and wiki writing are about spontaneity ''in'' writing and commitment ''to'' writing. Use the wiki like a notebook and update it every day, even if it's just a note, an idea for a plan, or a sentence. Post to the blog every day, even if it's just a brief observation. It doesn't have to mean much right away. Write every day and it will come to mean. And once you start an update or a posting, you'll often find that you have more to say. MorganMC

As a stagnated blog--one with unnecessarily repetitious content and format--does not draw repeat readers (after all, why would they need to return) it helps to vary a blog by varying the act of blogging: early, afternoon, late-late-late, hungry, tired, wired, etc. Too, length, depth, and breadth changes also help maintain interest--yours and theirs. AudreyL'Amie

==Title ==
I try to make the titles of my posts work harder than the rest of the words I write. I want them to leave the reader wondering what is in that post. For example; [[ Parallelagram]] leaves the reader thinking that this post will be about math. The reader who is familiar with my work will know that I am not predisposed to write about anything scientific or mathematical, thereby piquing their interest. ~ [[ Tammi Hartung]]

==Do or Do Not, There is No Try==
If you're deciding what to blog on, you may be taking way too long to do it. Just sit down, and blog something...ANYTHING. Let the crazy flow and in return get a blog entry. Or whatever.

Oh yeah, some other unrequested advice-look two ways before crossing the street. [[ Sean Froyd]]

==Wiki Proposals==
If you are beginning a wiki project, plan in great detail, as though nothing in the proposal can be altered later. Before you begin to draw up the proposal, make a list of every step you can foresee and how much time each might entail--then add more time under ''misc.'' Plan like you are the only person that knows nuclear war will occur in a month's time. AudreyL'Amie
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