Trail Making

Trail Making basically means leading someone from one thing to another and leaving a trail behind. If I were to talk about baseball, then I would link to the MLB Homepage to give you an idea of what the sport is and what it is about. Then, after talking about that, we might get on the subject of injuries because that happens a lot in baseball. I might link to WebMD to see what types of injuries happen. I am currently making a trail. If I wanted to keep going, we could talk about all sorts of things like eating correctly, lifting, and keeping your brain active which are all things baseball players should do. All of this is leaving a trail and is actually leading us to the next topic as well.

Off Topic??

Trail making can be looked at as a random series of topics. However, had you ever tried talking to someone who kept on saying the same things in different ways, or just wouldn't change the subject no matter how hard you hinted at it? Trail making should be seen as a by-product of a fun conversation and exciting series of topics. I don't want to talk about just one thing; I want the conversation to lead to other things that relate to one another.

So trail making would be the opposite of the Boy Scout philosophy of LeaveNoTrace

The analogy contrasting Leave No Trace to Wiki Trail Making is really an interesting idea. I like that visual of while the contributor is making a trail into uncharted territory, he/she is leaving a trail where s/he has already been. - BonnieRobinson
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