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=====Wikis As Sentences=====

===Wiki As Social Notebook===
I read through the long list of different Wiki's that I could potentially edit and found a few that interested me. The first one that I edited was the [[ Wikis As Social Notebooks]] which was well made already. I added a piece about how there should be social diaries for Wiki's where people can just put their everyday life events. I had a better idea after that which was to make a social Wiki story. Anyone could start a story and then the community could add whatever they wanted to to make the story better or more interesting. It would be awesome because no one would know what was going to happen until the next person wrote it.

- Notebooks are for ideas
- Diaries are for personal stories and life events
- Stories are for people to collaborate to make something awesome

===Wikis Need Gardening===
The second Wiki I edited was the [[ Wikis Need Gardening]] which was super fun! I liked the metaphor being used and decided to take it even farther. To my surprise, there was already another Wiki page created that was talking about what I was talking about, so I linked to it. The metaphor was that the Wiki Community is a garden and that we have to take care of it. We have to make sure that weeds (hackers, deleters) don't hurt the garden. I wrote a bit on that then moved on the my next Wiki.

- We are a garden
- We need to take care of our garden
- Protect ourselves from weeds (hackers, deleters)
- Anyone can come grow!

===Trail Making===
I decided that I needed to make my own page, so I found a Wiki that had not been edited called, "Trail Making." I decided to research it and define it. I informally explained it and discussed what I thought it meant. I linked to a few examples of what trail making would look like, then explained at the end why people might not like it. I actually used the reason why others wouldn't like it as my reason why I like it. Basically, I would rather talk to someone and see a trail of topics start to happen rather than just stay on one topic forever.

Here's the link to [[ Trail Making]]

- I made my own Wiki about something!
- Ok, I made a Wiki on Trail Making
- Trail Making means there is a trail of topics
- It's more fun to talk to people who can relate topics together
- It's not just randomized, but relatable

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