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The more I learn about Wiki's the more I see the similarities between the TheWikiAndTheBook. When talking about blogs in class the focus was on 'genre' or whether or not it was a blog, notebook, or journal. Wiki's to my uderstanding seem to have more similarities to books and traditional ways of writing. There is an index, it is a collective effort centered around a central theme, rather than the random thought of the day which a lot of blogs cater to. The likelyhood for editing is greater, since things are always changing due to community interaction. Pages are being added and new titles are being created. The way things are written or laid out is more the focus "In wikis, the process becomes the product"(Mejias). I like the simplicity of the Wiki. Like books it leaves a blank canvas and pictures, colors, and different fonts can be used to express ideas and illustrate points, sometimes it is through simplicity that one is forced to be their most creative. Necessity is the mother of invention, what better way to invent than using only the necessities.

I agree with what Amanda says, but I also immediately thought that, with the idea of starting my own Wiki and contributing, it was a "challenge!" I mean, what better way to try to get people to be interested in your page than by trying to make what you have to say be more of a propaganda-ish look/way. The words are the persuasion, not the flashy banners or images. The words set the tone. It can really stretch the limits of the person themselves, rather than the Wiki. It's like you said, Amanda, "one is forced to be their most creative."

I think that if we take the idea that a Wiki is somewhat book-ish then we have to think about what makes books interesting. I'd probably say that Wikis are like non-fiction in my mind. So it makes sense, then, for Wikis to be simple and straightforward, because that's what people are usually looking for in the realm of informational non-fiction. It's all about information, and if there's anything stopping you from getting to that information as quickly as possible, then it needs to go. I guess I don't totally understand the argument. It seems to me the most important thing is that the Wiki you're reading has information you want to get out of it. If it does, then what it looks like should be irrelevant. If it doesn't, then how are colorful banners and flashing lights going to make it worthwhile?
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