The Role of the Editor

Sparking off off the page WikisNeedGardening, an editor is someone who will work with the community to make any wiki page better. A wiki page is something that anyone can edit and be a part of creating, and every little edit matters to make the wiki the best it can be. Most wiki pages can be easy to edit, you just have to locate the edit button on the page and have a good grasp on how wiki writing works. If you don't, have no fear, there are Wikipedia help pages on that subject.

Once you find a page you want to edit, you can type in the text box, take out text, add photos, etc. Remember to always add references if you add in any new information. If you make an edit to a page, there will be a spot where you can write a summary for why you make those edits. This is very helpful for future readers and editors to know why you did what you did, in case they disagree with a change.

There is a difference between a minor and major edit. A minor edit is when you fix any spelling or grammar mistakes, or fix a broken link, or something of that nature. You aren't changing much on the page, so no one will really e upset with the change. If you make a bigger edit, like adding in a bunch of information or a photograph, then that is a major edit.

Be prepared for people to not appreciate your contribution and edit it back to an earlier version of the page. Don't be upset about it, you can always go back and add it back in and explain why you want it that way in the discussions (if that wiki has them) ot in your editing comment.

To understand why a person picks up the role of an editor, you can check out the page WikisNeedGardening. A brief page titled TheEditor talks about what an editor is. The page LackOfEditor talks about why it is a good thing to have an editor or to be your own, since it is your responsibility if you are on a wiki to help out other wiki users.

Keep in mind the WikiObjectivity of editing, and whether the edit needs to occur or not.
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