Three common IP schemes presently in use...are Community Copyright, Public Domain, and Copy Left...things can get nasty in wiki communities in which different users hold divergent visions of what constitutes an appropriate policy.

So if one person writes something that disagrees with another's writing, what happens? Does one author simply disagree and write their opinion or be 'nasty' and delete the offending section? If I were in a community where I felt my writing was not being respected and that the other writers were not respecting the community agreement, I would move on.

The situation surrounding the incident makes the difference. Wiki's are a collaboration, and without mutual respect for each other and the writings posted, what's the point of wiking (?) at all. The community that you decide on should be one that fits with who you are and one where respect is shared among all participants. MichelleHawkins SharonSimpson AspenEasterling

I also think, many times, that people simply aren't worth the bother to deal with in a situation where one is either constantly rebutting or receiving 'nasty" commentary. Wiki format does, however, afford a somewhat unique opportunity to have an interesting debate should all parties involved be willing to follow rules of logic and civility. I enjoy the occasional debate, if my opponent has a thought-out response, and can take criticism as well as give it intellectually. So instead of leaving, in some cases it may be worth staying out a slight aggrivation to learn something new...if only that the aggrivator has nothing to teach you.

Beyond this, I think it necessary to post, somewhere easily accessable, the wiki's rules of conduct, including copyright information and user rights.~WilliamGrapevine
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