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Online Chalkboard

"When we write threads we scibble ideas as if we were writing with chalk."
*They need no order
*If the chalk keeps moving the brain keeps working
*Chalk comes in many colors
*You can make pictures with chalk
*A chalkboard can be taped over and posted to
*It's easier to read a chalkboard from a distance

Eventually, a chalkboard will be filled and it is at this point that we can look at what we wrote. TheEditor in us all can erase what isn't important, as well as summerize and refactor the information. With the extra space freed up we can then go back to scibbling notes.

Oh!!! THat's a good concept!


I like the concept that if the chalk keeps moving the brain is still working. It'd be nice if the keyboard were chalk. lakjdfaijt;eij;qej;aji Not quite the same thing, I think. Maybe it depends on the time of day your brain begins exercising? Or not. I suppose if I'm writing this response, then I am proving your point. No?

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