Who are we?

The main purpose of signing as TheCollective is to give a name to the otherwise anonymous content that emerges in this wiki. Signing as anonymous just looks way too tacky on a wiki, as it is already implied by the fact that it was written on a wiki. TheCollective also acknowledges a prose personality through what has been tagged as coming from TheCollective. We can start writing as we and it holds a greater power. TheCollective is the name of our collective voice, our ethos.

We have TheCollectiveNotebook

Please help define this idea more.

The role played by TheCollective not quite the same as the role played by TheEditor. TheCollective is a voice of a wiki-public, maybe in the back of the room, who generate ideas and perspectives by adding, refactoring, refining, re-working wiki pages. The idea is from Warner, Publics and Counter-Publics. project muse

Users of the wiki can join The Collective for whatever reason. It's not a club. It's a collective.
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