The Clue Train Manifesto

What It Is

Comprised of 95 theses and formatted as a manifesto, this set calls to action the following items:
1. Encourages businesses to work as a "newly connected marketplace".
2. For close study of the Internet's influence on markets and organizations.
3. The Internet to be used by consumers and organizations to create levels of communication that wasn't possible beforehand.
4. Adaptation from organizations in response to the "new marketplace environment".


The writers of the manifesto, which was written in 1999, are: Rick Levin, Christopher Locke, Doc Searls, and David Weinberger.
A more extensive description of the manifesto was released in 2000 in a book titled The Clue Train Manifesto.

Facilitating Communication Through Technology

In the book, they also indicate that the Internet give markets and organizations new ways to communicate with each other, specifically by the following: Email, news groups, mailing lists, chat, and web pages. While blogs and wikis are not included on that list, but could be integrated in an updated version.

Overview of Theses

Theses 1–6: Markets are Conversations
Thesis 7: Hyperlinks Subvert Hierarchy
Theses 8–13: Connection between the new markets and companies
Theses 14 – 25: Organizations entering the marketplace
Theses 26–40: Marketing & Organizational Response
Theses 41–52: Intranets and the impact to organization control and structure
Theses 53–71: Connecting the Internet marketplace with corporate Intranets
Theses 72–95: New Market Expectations

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