The Audience Is Us

The audience of a Wiki is us. This means that anyone who is a part of the WikiCulture and the WikiCommunity is indeed, the audience of the Wiki. Those who contribute to the Wiki are both users and readers. We write for our own entertainment, our own learning, our own success. We contribute to the ThreadMode, the ReFactoring, and the DocumentMode, because the TheAudienceIsUs. With many websites, the creator has a targeted audience in mind. With a Wiki, not a single person creates it, but many. And the creators are also the audience. Each person plays several roles: the creator, the user, and the audience.

From a passerby on the outside, a Wiki may not be food for the eye, and so they may pass it by. The Wiki has a certain feel to it. It's not really a casual website that anyone can click on and instantly understand what is happening from within. That is also why TheAudienceIsUs. While the Wiki can serve audiences from the outside, it seems difficult to do. Mainly the audience is from within the WikiCommunity.


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