When it comes to OurAudience, TargetedAudience, or readers for a page or site, there is nearly always a target or a specific group in mind - whether that idea is under control is a different story.

There are strategies to reach that audience. These will also be effective in GainingAnAudience. The Wikipedia page contains a list, but this was more marketing-oritented rather than creative, as so many are. After some research,

Adhere Creative seemed to give the best advice:
1. Connect with their social circles.
2. Target behaviors through paid channel advertising.
3. Blog about your customers’ interests.
4.Partner with like-minded brands.
5. Provide relevant customer testimonials that speak to your target market.

Are these the strategies used when it comes to the most successful and popular blogs? Some prime examples are Huffington Post, TMZ, and Business Insider. What makes them stand out from the thousands of other blogs online?

The most relevant tool was the third one that Adhere Creative mentioned: Blog about your customers' interests. These websites know who their target audience is, and everything they posted is catered to that group. This is doubtless what caused them to reach these levels of success.
But we don't have customers. Now what?

The target audience idea comes out of broadcast media with the purpose of selling advertising. Wiki isn't broadcast media, and we're not selling anything. Audiences-as-targets seems to place audiences at the end of the line.

Many wikis develop audiences out of a shared goal and/or project. One thing that is nice about wikis is that there is not a marketing direction. The content and shape of the wiki is formed by only what users deem valuable enough to add.

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