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Comments on The Political Geek Zone (aka Josh's Project)

Josh's blog provides commentary on current political issues. Each posts contains links to sources and additional articles for a deeper read on that topic. I would value a blog like this, and it sounds like it's an attempt toget back to some of the original objectives of weblogs - where the blogger would collect several links on a topic of interest and compile them in a way that is useful for the reader. I really like the idea that I could visit Josh's blog if I wanted to know more about the topic of |Gun Control, for example, and find that he had compiled and sorted and commented on some of the best sources and articles on that topic.

The Posts

The Blog

His blog is set up so that you can scroll and see each post. The |most recent post is a follow-up to an earlier post, so it might be nice to have a link from the more recent one to the one preceding it if the reader wants to read them in the order they were written rather than in the backwards way they appear on a blog, but then again, that is the way blogs work, so readers might already get that.

The titles to each post are catchy and describe what the post is going to be about. There are no images or distinct stylistic elements going on with each post, but I think that helps keep the focus on the content which is serious even though the author takes on an informal, conversational tone.

Comments on Kendra's Project

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