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Pure Bliss Beauty

Pure Bliss Beauty blog flows well and the concept is clearly executed. The reader is not lost in the interpretation of the concept, or the design. The page is not cluttered, and the layout facilitates a clear expression of the main ideas of the blog. There is a nice flow to the pace of the postings, as well as a good variety of topics (face mask, nail polish, fashion, etc.).

The blog might progress with adding topics like an expensive vs. cheap product review, adding product links, adding a variety of locations to the photos, and adding guest blogs or interviews. (Campus interviews?)

Some interesting things I noticed-- I had never thought about how nude nail polish doesn't show chips as easily. It was quite the introduction to makeup for me. I must admit I was a bit out of my element. But, as an outsider looking in, I was able to still understand and appreciate many of the posts.

Reminded me of the "The Art of Beauty" by Ovid, where he defends the use of make-up (most Romans didn't). He has some make-up recipes as well.
"Crush and pound the whole to a fine powder, and pass through a deep sieve. Add twelve narcissus bulbs which have been skinned, and pound the whole together vigorously in a marble mortar. There should also be added two ounces of gum and Tuscan spelt, and nine times as much honey. Any woman who smears her face with this cosmetic will make it brighter than her mirror." -Ovid

To Travel the Great Beyond

Bonjour, J'aime votre blog! The first thing I noticed was how well the layout for the blog worked. It really looks professional. The whole flow is very nice and got me pumped to travel right away. I also like the places you chose to discuss, a good mix of really popular destinations and some of a bit less known ones.

The addition of the fiction section to your travel blog is unique and interesting, it would be cool to see a fictional account before you traveled and the factual account of after. I liked the right most sidebar, I think the tags and additional social media options are nice touches. Some additional development ideas might include, linking to more places (give credit/other blogs), more about the regional foods, adding some other sources of multimedia.

The comment was blocked as suspected bot... don't know why I'll try again later.
It's April in Paris which must mean the Cherry blossoms are already out. I want a pain-au-chocolat, camembert, fresh baguette, and a Proustian escape after a Minnesota winter...

Remodeling the Original Wiki

Right away I get the sense that this has come a long way already. There are a lot of links, pages and the structure of the wiki makes it easy to see what has been happening lately. Lots to explore with this wiki structure, the inclusion of some less known social media sites on the nav bar caught my eye right way, (what is delicious? link is broken btw). I hadn't noticed the "watchers" widget in the right sidebar, but it's interesting, what function does the "karma" have? (I searched, "no results")

Overall I think the content is comprehensive and well laid out. The sourcing is good, and the links are answering most of the questions I'm having. I think adding a bit more in terms of an introduction or "welcome" section could help clarify the purpose a bit more.

I wasn't really sure what would be appropriate to comment on (or how) so I will add it here. I was interested in the wiki/chess relationship but that wasn't linked, do you know where you I might find more information on that? Would that be appropriate to add to the wiki?
I did find this quote from an interview with Andrew Li author of "The Wikipedia Revolution"

David: What I like is the pragmatism of Wikipedia – a general dislike for rules, but if you need a rule to build an encyclopedia, then it’s fine.

Andrew: There are really five pillars, one of them is that Wikipedia is an encyclopedia. That might sound silly, but that wasn’t so in 2004. Wikipedia had grown as a community with lots of social aspects – there was a gaming lounge for example where people were playing virtual chess games. We had to shut that down – it was pretty cruel – but we are here to write encyclopedia articles and not to support MySpace activities.

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