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Studio Tours Exercise

For this exercise I looked at the projects of WilliamHeinecke , AbbieEdman and AidanAnderson .

Mein Wunderkammer by WilliamHeinecke

William, you are blogging about what you think is interesting in terms of the internet and social media. I think those topics bring a personal twist to blogging and allows readers to get to know you better. You said in your portfolio that you are writing a blog post every day. You also made a new website, which can be found here, for the rest of your project. I'm not sure if you meant to do this, but I thought that it was interesting to see that you combined a personal reflection that you had while also digging deeper into articles that explained what you were going through. It really made the blog post personal and made it very enjoyable to read. I also think the comedy that you incorporate into your blog makes it super relate-able to a lot of readers. This is the blog post I am referring to.

I did have a few questions when I was reading over both your site and your Word Press blog. Firstly, was it your original intention to make your home page only consist of the last blog that you have posted? I found it harder to find and read all of your articles. I could only find your other articles on the right-hand sidebar under "Recent Posts". Also, how do you come up with the different page topics on your main site? Is there a theme?

There were a few things that I noticed within your blog and your online site that I felt were strong. Firstly, I loved the format of the blog. The black design on the front page caught my attention right away and made me want to look deeper into the site. I also thought that the title format really sticks out and catches my attention when I was reading your reflections and how the project was going for you. It really breaks up the text and I think that it makes it more effective. This blog post on the Week 3 reflection reflects this well. I also noticed that in some of the pages of your website that you try to connect with the readers by saying things like, "I hope you enjoy." I think it really personalizes your page in an attempt to connect with your virtual readers.

One thing that I did notice is that you don't have your site on your project proposal, so it took me a little longer to find your site, though I did find it when I was scrolling through some of your blog reflections.

The Darker Side by AbbieEdman

What are they doing?

My observations on what's happening

Highlighting things you might have missed

Questions that might bring development

What's interesting/strong

Anything else

The Stories You Don't Hear by AidanAnderson

to remark on what the writer is doing
to let the writer in on another way of seeing what's happening
to highlight things the writer might miss
to raise questions that can open into more development

by pointing out
what's interesting
what's strong
whatever else you notice

Your comments will also let the writer in on how the project is being understood from the outside. So,
Try stepping back to see - and describe for the writer - the project as a whole.
Connect your response to specifics: ground your comments in words, sentences, paragraphs, entries.
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