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Studio Tours Exercise

For this exercise I looked at the projects of WilliamHeinecke , AbbieEdman and AidanAnderson .

Mein Wunderkammer by WilliamHeinecke

What is the writer doing?
The writer is blogging about what they think is interesting in terms of the internet and social media. William said in his portfolio that he is writing a blog post every day.

My observations on what's happening

Highlight of things the writer might miss

Questions that can lead to development

What's interesting?

What's strong?

Whatever else you notice?

to remark on what the writer is doing
to let the writer in on another way of seeing what's happening
to highlight things the writer might miss
to raise questions that can open into more development

by pointing out
what's interesting
what's strong
whatever else you notice

Your comments will also let the writer in on how the project is being understood from the outside. So,
Try stepping back to see - and describe for the writer - the project as a whole.
Connect your response to specifics: ground your comments in words, sentences, paragraphs, entries.
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