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My First Stop at Political Geek Zone (Joshua's Final Project)

I really like the concept of Joshua's final project. It's a blog I would like to follow and would find valuable in real life. I'd appreciate having one stop where I could read a more detailed, educated and well-rounded version of current events. I don't know of another source that attempts to provide all counter arguments, so this idea intrigues me.

Week One

"Liar In Chief" was a post about how President Trump continues to speak untruths in his speeches. The topic is interesting, and as a reader, I would be interested in a detailed and critical perspective on this topic; however, the post ended with Joshua saying he'd update it with more - and I didn't see an update.

Week Two

"Gun Control: Myth vs. Reality"
This was a developed post on the topic of Gun Control. It contained links to sources and other articles about the topic. I liked having the links to lead me to more information. One thing I would have liked would be less bias from the author - just because that's what I thought the original proposal seemed to imply. However, I'll have to look more closely because maybe there is equal bias across all three gun arguments in this post.
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