Aase: Blogging with Balls

I love that you are blogging about feminism. Your crass/in-your-face blog title caught my eye and made me interested in what you had to say. I was a little disappointed to see that you had only contracted for 750 points, but interested to read what you had anyway. Your "Maiden Voyage" post was great. It offered a very brood general introduction to your blog project. The blog cherry comment was hilarious. Your informal and raw tone made the paragraphs fly by and I was excited to read your next article.

"Second Amendment Pummels First"

I generally wouldn't have been drawn to the title of this article, but you were and I was excited to see why. With lines like refering to Charleton Heston in an orgasmic state and the reoccurance of the word 'balls' (by the way nice parallelism) you made the article livelier and more interesting to read about.

Also, in this article I really appreciated your comparison to pausing to think about the msn article that you were reading and pausing to reload a gun. I thought that was pretty clever.

Anyway, moving on to the formatting. Excellent use of the green to emphasize quotes that you pulled out. That caught my eye and I felt was rather effective. Also the dark green, for some reason, tames the harshness of the sex metaphores!
You need to write more. Pure and simple you need to write more. You are on the verge of a very affective blog. Keep on cooking up articles!

Bertilson: Northern Owl

Great idea by the way. I've been one of those people that has faced the confused fury of the library. It is frustrating. I must admit i wasn't able to find your wiki page and therefore didn't read your project proposal, but I remembered in class a girls voice chiming up and saying "Yeah, mine is about getting around the library", and of course this is your page.
The format of a wiki always throws me off a little bit so after reading 2 blogs I had to adjust my thoughts. Once they were adjusted though I notice, Ms. Bertilson, you did a very cohesive and condensed overview of how to navigate the library. It was very simple to navigate you wiki and understand what was going on too.

The first thing that I noted was that this is a great resource. The library hours, for instance, could save me a 20 minute round trip. The only place I have ever noticed their posting has been on the fron door of the library. I also noticed the research tips and the MLA bibliography.

The one thing that this was lacking was a personal twist. What made this your own creation. I loved at the end of the link list there was a "because you need a break" page. I thought that was pretty damn adorable and actually I think that this wiki page would really benefit from you putting a more personal touch through out. I don't know if that sounds appealing to you or not, but I got the feeling that this was a little more professional than I wanted it to be. Its a student attempting to help another student. You have such a fun personality that it would be fun to put a twist on the whole thing. Like 'personal horror stories from the library' or something like that. Just a suggestion, but your page already serves a purpose and serves it well. I just don't know how you are going to continue doing this for another 5 weeks! Cheers!

Bohmbach: Organized Chaos

I read your project proposal and you are going to be reading articles, ranting, and discovering your way amongst the wide wide world or education. Optimistic little lady you are!

First of all, great blog title. That doesn't happen very often!
I started reading your page from the bottom up, like I do all the blogs that I read. I got really pissed off that we might be switching to a pay per credit kind of thing, which is total b.s. Then I read your Valentine's Day rant and was happy when I was reminded about loving Valentine's Day when I was in 5th grade. I noticed you have a lot of association to the BSU athletics program whether it be just through your roommates or if you are involved too. I noticed you miss class a lot and thats pretty relatable, and I liked that. I love facebook and hate advertising so that was relatable too!
Actually the one posting about "Stopping School Violence" stood out like a sore thumb. It didn't have enough our your personal umph that you expressed in all your other posting. I really wanted to know about what you thought about the "Plan" to stop bullying in Korea and how you were going to apply that your profession!

I would love to see this blog bring more articles into its postings and have your personal comments on them. I am interested in seeing what you are going to post and it I think it needs to be more focused on your education goals. Good luck!
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