Young Life in Brazil

Very interesting perspective. Not often do you see international news stories cross-examined with personal experience. Personal opinion you see all the time, but not actual experience. I like your objective tone. Citing things such as the fact that you were put up in more well-to-do areas of town at times and things like that are very valuable to the reader.

I like your no-nonsense layout. A link to the project proposal, links to resources you've used, and a blog archive. Very focused.

I found your predictions on the likeliness of proposed solutions being successful to be very interesting. I like that you go out on a limb and say things like "I think it is very unlikely that they will pass this bill." It allows someone who has no knowledge of Brazil whatsoever (like me) to put things into some sort of perspective, provided that you turn out to be correct, of course (no pressure.)

You seem to be sticking with your tactic of combining your own perspective with a researched twist. Although the topic choices are somewhat random, I found myself getting a hint of the overall feel, a fuzzy mental image if you will, of Brazil. I believe that is what you are intending, and it seems to be working.

Blogging with Balls

Excellent blog title! Just thought I'd get that out there right away.

Very interesting project, especially through the eyes of an average guy with no real clue what feminism consists of, actually. I particularly enjoyed your answer to the questions of whether you identify as a feminist and what it means to you in the "A Blog without a Bicycle" interview. Definitely helped me grasp what the feminist perspective is.

I like your use of humor, and the tactful way you go about being blunt. For example, I am an avid hunter/gun owner, and loved the "second amendment pummels first" entry. You approached it objectively, looked at both sides, acknowledged your biases, and went from there. I also happen to think you are right on that one, but I like to think that I would appreciate your approach even if I didn't.

In your project proposal you said that you were aiming for respectful edginess, and I believe you have been successful there. That's hard to do. To be honest, not sure that I have the balls to try for that approach. A goddess given right to kick men in the testicles? Perfect analogy, with a little disclaimer to not aim the shot towards Islam. I like it.

Northern Owl Wiki

Great project idea. I am a great example of a student who has blatantly under-utilized the library, and could definitely have better library use skills.

The Tips from You to Us page is a great idea, the sort of thing that wiki's are meant to do. May prove to be one of the most helpful parts of the wiki.

You included lots of helpful external links to related information, which is very helpful. You seem to be keeping a good balance between providing information and keeping the wiki managable and easy to use. Guides to using something aren't worth much if they themselves are hard to use. One suggestion, and this may be something that you are already planning on or working on currently, would be to include a breif description of what is on each wiki page under the link to it on your homepage.

Great project. Now, if someone could come up with a guide to using the BSU website...
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