Mack's blog

I am generally overly skeptic of blogs, obviously things are different here, where people are blogging for class, but I like blogs that aren't terribly touchy feely, and may tell an interesting story, or perhaps show a really interesting moment in someone's life. Christian's blog is about the best reason I can think of to blog. He's blogging about the trials and tribulations of quitting smoking after 14 years, which is certainly not easy, and could be a real insight into hard struggles of will power.

The posts are easy to read, and generally interesting. There's a lot of related information on the sidebars of the website. Reading the blog, and seeing his calendar on the side makes you want to route for him, and hope he reaches his goals. I only wonder if it is easier or harder to quit in this fashion.

Kleb's Wiki

Kleb's wiki did not excite me, but it wasn't supposed to excite me, as I'm not a Dirt Track enthusiast, but as a failed wikiest I can really appreciate the amount of work she's put into fleshing out, and expanding the wiki. I like a lot of the links, and the short and descriptive text that often accompanies the images. This is a darn nice wiki, with a lot of great information on it already, I imagine it would be outstanding if some other Dirt track enthusiasts got in on posting along with Julia to add different views on things.

Meredith's blog

Meredith's blog details some of her impressions on current video gaming endeavors, again I liked Meredith's excuse to blog. If you're going to be forced to blog for homework, you might as well come up with other things you like to do to become homework, like video gaming. Who didn't dream of telling their parents that they would love to wash the dishes, but they really had to play some video games for class. A couple of her posts I really got into, I was excited about the Mario RPG post, but she still hasn't returned to finish the story. I really like the retro reviews rather than reviews of current games, at the same time it's nice that she isn't just ripping of the Angry Video game nerd .

Meredith's blog is fairly well written with occasional typos, but I don't think I'll pay much attention to her posts unless she happens upon a game that I've played, or talks more about older games... Although, she did get me excited to try out a couple of the games she mentioned, so if I do, I'm sure I'll revisit the old posts.
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