No Blowin' Smoke

I started out with Christian Mack's journey to quit smoking called [[ No Blowin' Smoke]]. I was really intrigued by his project (I am a fellow smoker who should quit.). I think his blog is really well written and designed.

This is a journey about a smoker quitting and putting it on a timeline as well as documenting what he is doing. Christian gives a lot of background into how he started smoking and how it became easy for him to stay a smoker. I could relate to many of the reasons that I began to smoke and how when parents are smokers the children tend to smoke as well. Christian is very talented at painting a clear picture of his memories and also how he is feeling. I think that he is frustrated with quitting because it is so addictive, but I think that his frustration makes him a better writer because he really puts thought into what he is writing to keep his mind off smoking.

I wondered if he was an instant gratification person? In his blog posts, he talks about the feel of the butt and how it is almost calming to him, as well as the pacing. He also mentions in his about me section how he has moved quite a bit in the last few years, but for short periods of time. Any relation here to the instant gratification feeling? When something no longer holds an interest it is time to move on. I see him as thinking that smoking no longer is an interest for him and he is moving on again.

I really loved all of the facts and tidbits that he has listed on his blog. Many are very interesting facts. I really enjoyed the link to It offered many reason for me as a fellow smoker to really want to quit smoking. Another bit of info he added was the section that is about how much a pack of cigs a day costs and then contiues on to how all that money could be saved and used for something else. Most smokers do not like to think of all the other things they could be spending their money one. After reading it, I wanted to immediately go and throw my cigs in the garbage and start saving for something fun. This is not in my nature so the moment passed after 30 seconds. I think that Christian has a great project and I commend him for putting his thoughts/emotions out there. I think it could be very supportive for another smoker who is trying to quit to be able to see someone elses stuggles on a daily/weekly basis. I also think that this is a great way of keeping track of the quitting progress because it forces him to write about it in a structured way instead of a calendar that can be misplaced.

Wanna Games

I also checked out Mallory's Wanna Games. I think she is brilliant and enthusiastic in her writing. I am not a video game player, used to be, but since I have small children who would rather play video games than play outside on a beautiful day, I have vetoed them from my home until they are older.

Mallory really gets into her games and you can tell by her enthusiastic writing. I would love to have the time (when my children havebeen shipped off to Grandmas) to check these systems out and play. My husband keeps threatning to bring one home. I think this would be such a fun project to do. I think that she does know what she is talking about and if I finally relent and allow a video system into my house, she would e the first one I would go to for advice on which one to get.

Her descriptions of the games and characters are great. It brings back memories from when I had an Atari (yes I am old) and my super nintendo box. I can picture what she is saying even though I have not played the game(s). I think that for the person who does play, she gives ideas and suggestions of how a certain frame works that could be helpful to someone who is new to the game. ( I could be totally off base here.)

She also offers many different links within her enteries. Most are links to pictures of what she is talking about and you get a much better picture in your head of what she is talking about. Some are links to you tube on a specific topic/game. Some of the images contain blood... If you have a weak stomach please avoid them. I think that when you see the graphics that she offers, you can see where her excitement comes from. It is almost contagious.

I was really surprised when I did click on one of her links and saw how a child got so frustrated that she put a hole in a big screen t.v. What an exciting Christmas morning that must have been...

I only had one question. What is RPG?

Dirt Track Wiki

My last stop was to Julia Klebs DirtTrackWiki. I thought that her Dirt Track Wiki was great! She has put a lot of thought into wording her information.

I grew up in a house where my dad was a racer. He raced dirt tracks before I was born and then switched to asphalt when I was a toddler. I remember going to the track and being in the pit, but I never thought much about the process of it all. Since most of my childhood was about racing corvettes, and the thrill of working on a racecar, I never got into other forms of racing. This type of racing has been around for years and I think with this wiki more people will recognize it.

Julia's site is abundant in information ranging from types of organizations to types of racing cars. Each link has more information and it has even helped me in finding my way through a wiki- my least favorite in this class. I was able to navigate through without a problem and caught the racing fever again. Julia also link to magazines that feature racing action and standings, what areas are covered in the standings, and what class they fall into.

I am seeing the upside of wiki's through having to go through one to remark on. I think that this wiki will go places because of the many links and different areas that people can contribute to. I will look forward to seeing the finalized page!
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