Aidan Anderson's Blog

Aidan Anderson's blog was really interesting. I thought he chose great topics to write about. They were different enough to bring in many different kinds of readers which I think can be a really good thing when blogging. One thing I really enjoyed on the blog was the voice it had. I thought it had a very conversational tone which made it really enjoyable to read. Aidan would share some small things about himself in the posts and I think this added a lot to them. For example, in the post Just the Bare Minimum. I think it showed how interested and/or passionate about the topics he was posting which always makes the writing better.

As far as the design of the blog goes, I thought it all fit really well. I thought the font and color scheme worked well. It is kind of like a cabinet of curiosities sort of blog so I thought the design fit that really well. I liked how the posts were all back to back on the home page so I could just scroll and read. I thought that was very convenient. He also has archives on the side so you can see what he has posted each month which I thought was really cool. It makes the blog look well organized.

The format of the posts were done well. I like how a lot of the posts had their own sort of 'goodbye' at the end to conclude it. I thought that worked really well for the conversational tone the blog has. I thought each post was a good length. They weren't overly long to read, yet they were long enough to give all of the information that was necessary and also for Aidan's voice to come through in the writing. I thought a good example of this was in his post, Bathroom Graffiti as BSU. He put some good links in his post that contained more information, if the reader wanted to know more which I thought was cool like in, The McGregor Conundrum. He also added pictures to his posts which I think really catches the reader's attention. Overall, I thought Aidan's blog was really interesting and entertaining to read.

Raya Newbold's Wiki

When first reading about Raya Newbold's wiki page I was really looking forward to seeing it. It is a wiki page of fun monsters that were created for a coloring book and also gives good information on dyslexia and the benefit of wikis. I thought that was such a great idea. The wiki is really fun to read. There are even pictures of drawings of these monsters. This wiki not only gives information and promotes these fun monsters that were created but it also gives good information on dyslexia and even on wikis themselves. I learned a lot from this wiki. It was very informational.

I thought the layout of this wiki was done really well. The first thing I saw on the wiki was a section on the top that said "Welcome." This hooked me in right away, I really felt welcome to explore this wiki. The next section is a place where it says you can participate in the wiki. I thought that was really cool. There was also a green color scheme. I thought this fit really well with the topic. I don't know why but when I think of monsters, especially in a sort of 'young age setting,' I think of the color green. There is also an index on the page so you can see all of the different monsters that have been created on the wiki. It was a long list consisting of monsters such as, 'Cobble Grinder,' 'Double Yeti,' and 'Eye Ball Bat.'

The wiki pages are well organized. Each having a title that is usually the monster topic. On the page GoblinMouth, there is a long well thought out history of this particular monster. It even has history based from different groups such as the Vikings and Romans. I thought this was really neat and fun to read. Some pages have links in them such as EmeraldEyeSnake. The posts all have a picture of the monster too which I thought was really cool. I especially liked the 3HeadedDragon page. Overall, I thought this was a really well organized wiki. I thought it was a great idea and a lot of fun to read.

Andrew Hanson's Blog

In Andrew Hanson's Blog he made posts that explain bible verses. I thought this was a really good idea. This blog kind reminded me of books for young adults, that try to explain certain bible verses in ways that are more modern to help them have a better understanding. I really enjoyed reading this blog partly because of that reason. The information was clear. I learned a lot from these particular verses. Each post was very helpful and informational.

The first thing I noticed about the blog was that it looked very professional. I thought the scheme chosen fit the topic very well. The font and color scheme really complimented the blog. The colors were black and white. This kind of reminded me of the book of the bible so I thought it was very fitting. I thought the layout of the blog had a good simplicity about it which helps the reader focus on what's important-- the bible verses and their meanings. I noticed that there was a blog roll on the side that has all of the different postings listed on it. I thought that it was really helpful because you could just pick which one you wanted to read. Otherwise if you just wanted to go by when they were posted, they are all in order on the main page. I found that helpful too because I could just scroll down and keep reading.

Each post was well organized. The posts had links in them of previous postings and also things that could help the reader further understand the passage. I thought this was really helpful. This was done in Ephesians Post 3, among the others as well. I also noticed that in each post he mentions the type of bible he uses for the particular chapter. Andrew also gives his thoughts in these posts and mentions what passages are particularly helpful to him. For example, in Corinthians Post 2 I think this adds a lot to the posts and can help the reader connect to what they are reading. The posts are always signed, "Thanks, Andrew." I think this is a really good way to end the post. I think when the blogger sounds polite and grateful for the readers, they will appreciate that and keep coming back to read new posts. They posts are also summarized in the end which I think is a great way to conclude because it ties everything together and can help the reader reflect on everything they just read. Overall, I thought this blog was really informational but in a more casual way so I thought it was really enjoyable to read.
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