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Grant Gartland's 48 a Day has tried to keep to his proposal. There have been slips, but considering the original proposal is taking and then posting 48 photos a day it's understandable to slip. That is a lot of work to do with one day's time for one blog entry. It's impressive that he was able to keep up with his proposal at all. Because of how impressive the concept is, the actual post with 48 photos seems more important. He's clearly got a great eye for the camera as well. The images of the Twins in training are great examples. The action is captured perfectly and they almost look like they are posing.

It's clear you have great skill for the camera and using that to conceive this photo-blog is a great idea. The layout being fairly simple draws attention towards the photos and nothing else, truly pointing them out as the focus of the blog. Using one post for text to review the photos over the week is a great idea as well. It comes off as a mini presentation and feels like it will build up to a great final presentation when the blog is done. However it seems to have not been updated in a while, so he's not quite where he planned to be according to the project proposal calendar but it's a good start.


Katherine Grandstrand's blog Ms. Grandstrand's Thoughts is a nice concept. By finding a story in the New York times and then posting a commentary about the story she clearly has a defined theme and it works. I like the formula to each post as well. Starting with the Post Title, source author, source print, date of post and page numbers to the printed source as well as a link to the article online and a brief summary of the article, it works very well and gives a professional feel to the blog. The layout gives a look of professionalism as well. Overall the blog has a well thought out and professional atmosphere. Picking only the New York times to read from is a little limiting though. But limiting the source material can also be a good thing because it then has a focus point to write about instead of multiple points.

According to the project proposal calendar, Ms. Grandstrand's Thoughts has kept up perfectly. I hope to see how the final presentation comes out based on this blog. I'm interested in seeing how you interact with comments on your comments.


Emily Halla's Ethic Eye is interesting as it also covers the New York times. But it limits it's focal point even further to ethical issue stories. What is most interesting is it is an opinion about the ethical issues. That's the thing about ethics is that they are variable from person to person. I like that this concept is acknowledged in the blog but I don't think it's taken into account as much as it could be with some articles. I like seeing the take you have on ethics and am curious as to how your final presentation will come out.

The blog itself is very nice. The layout is easy on the eyes when reading and the color scheme is overall aesthetically pleasing. I like the name Ethic Eye as well, it comes off as a professional journalism kind of blog. Ethic Eye is pretty much on track for your project proposal as well which is nice since you apparently do all your blog work in one day. That's pretty impressive.

I'm going to contract for a long lunch, 150 points here.
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