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I really like what’s going on here. Although I’m familiar with how the library system here works, I was overseas last year, and using the library system at my exchange school drove me out of my mind, I would have loved to have sort of a ‘how to’ wiki like this, that gives you the absolute basics. I think a lot of people assume that using a library is pretty ‘duh’, in fact, I would have said the same thing, but after spending two hours looking for one book in a library half the size of this one… it’s not always ‘obvious’ how things are organized. I’m sure you get a lot of people who are particularly dense on the subject, but thank you for thinking of the common (wo)man with too much pride to just go and ask how it all works ;) . It’s also nice to have the hours listed as they are, all on that one page, I didn’t know different parts of the library had different hours (is it obvious I don’t spend nearly enough time there?). I’m really interested to see how it will all look when it is done; I think you’ve got an excellent start here. I also love the owl graphic and wiki title, that’s the bomb. I wish I had something more interesting to say, but I think your wiki is very straightforward, easy to understand, navigate and read. It’s great for those who are just learning about both the library and wikis. Kudos on your wiki, I think it’s a great idea and wonderfully executed.

Organized Chaos:
In reading your blog, I actually felt compelled to comment, so kudos for that. I can be terribly lazy, so you really have to motivate me to go out of my way to say something ;) . I wasn’t able to access the article about bullying in Korea, and I would have been interested to hear more of what you thought about that, and thoughts on bullying issues in the United States. I did really appreciate your hat-cleaning post, although I don’t really wear hats myself, I am sure that particular mixture works well to clean almost anything, I think I may try that on my jewelry next time instead of toothpaste. In addition to the issue of sports and budget cuts, what are your thoughts on the fact that they are eliminating some education majors by combining them together? What about the issue of keeping sports funding while raising tuition for the rest of us (well, for those of us who take more than twelve credits that is)? What about the over-all issue of sports vs. academics? I think you’ve introduced a lot of very important subjects/topics in your blog, and I certainly know a little bit more about the state of our own school having read your blog, I’d really enjoy hearing more of what you have to say on these issues though. Overall, good work, I really like the color scheme of your blog as well. Keep at it!

Drums Around the Fire:
I really really like the thought behind this wiki. Oral traditions are super fascinating, and I really like the title of the blog, as soon as I realized it wasn’t just a clever title that was totally unrelated; I knew exactly what I would be looking at. I spent some time surfing around, but, I have to admit, I had a hard time navigating the wiki. The lay out was a little challenging. It could be just that my brain just doesn’t work the wiki way, so take that for what it’s worth. The article starts that I read were really interesting, and I really look forward to reading more in the future. The quotes you had at random places were wonderful, and very accurate. I like the irony, too, of using a written medium to discuss the oral tradition ;) . Did you take the picture that is on the front page of your blog? Overall, good work, I really look forward to checking back in the future and seeing what changes have been made and what essays have been expanded.

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