Signing Your Work

When you are working on a wiki you can choose if you want to sign your work or not. Many factors may influence the choice to sign your work, but the bottom line is, it is ultimately your choice. If you edit a wiki page and choose not to sign it then in the RecentChanges your IP address will show up instead of your username. This doesn't make it impossible for you to be identified through some research, but at least your name isn't displayed publicly. The following information shows some different options available for signing a wiki.

Common Formats

The common format to type a signature – two hyphens (or a long dash) followed by four tildes (-- ~~~~) – is derived from the computer network Usenet, where two hyphens mark a signature block. Clicking on the signature button will add two hyphens alongside the signature (--~~~~).

According to MediaWiki, there are three default options:
  1. Signature plus timestamp (~~~~)
  2. This helps other users to follow the chronological order of discussions, and to identify the author of a particular comment.
  3. Signature alone (~~~)
  4. Timestamp alone (~~~~~)

Customized Formats

MediaWiki goes into detail on options for customizing your signature as well if you are wanting to know more about signing a wiki.

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