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=====Short Form=====
Twitter, SMS, microblogging, self-important execs demanding the bullet points ...

Ref to who has a concise consideration of the MicroNarrative.

and as an example of trending:

But see also //The Information//.

- Telegraph and short form, talking drums and redundancy.
- How it works: readers use a small set of semiotic resources to create meaning. I would suspect that social context and rhetorical situation are being mined for procedures. Genre, author, history, et al. Can test to see what readers do with MicroNarratives. Do they elucidate? If so, how and at what points? Do they create something as minima as the original? Something else?
- Look at texts on the sentence, figures of speech, economy
- Also might be an angle on lying. ShortForm might leave out significance information.

see also MicroNarrative

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