Setting Up A WP Weblog

Update 2018

WordPress has updated its interface again, so you may find WordPress: The Missing Manual, 2nd ed out of date. I'm keeping the links to the WP Missing Manual because it's still useful as a reference.

For getting started, use **Lorelle's Tutorial for setting up your WP weblog. Print it out or keep it visible in a browser window as you set up and refine your blog.

1. Download WordPress: The Missing Manual, 2nd ed, PDF download. Refer to The Missing Manual as a guide. Some of the steps for setting up might have changed, and the screen shots might look different than in the book, but the concepts and procedures are still current.

1a. Read Chap 2 and Chap 4 before you start. If you run into problems or questions, consult the WordPress Guide at:, and Wordpress Support at

Update 2018

1b Use Lorelle's Tutorial for setting up your WP weblog.

2. Register at and set up your blog. Go to Click on the Create Website button, and follow the instructions.

3. One you have a blog created, go to the Support page: Then to the page Set Up Your Blog in Five Steps:
 (image: at

3. Go through the five steps. They explain how to set up your blog, and get you started on tailoring your blog for your work.
1. Update your title and tagline.
2. Pick a theme.
3. Add a header or background.
4. Add a blog icon.
5. Add a widget.

4. Start posting. Post about anything, at any time. You want to become familiar with the WP interface, and that can take a while.

Required: Make 2 posts to connect with the rest of the class:

If you have questions about posting, refer to Chapter 4 of WordPress: The Missing Manual, or and Lorelle's Tutorial.

5. Email me with the address to your weblog. To get the address, go to your blog, view your blog in a browser as though you were visiting it. Copy the url, and paste it into an email to me.

6. Introduce your blog to the others. Add a comment to the welcome post on the Daybook including a link to your blog to introduce the class to your blog.

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