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====Setting up a WikiName page====
Your WikiName page identifies you for your work on this wiki. You'll be linking most of the exercises and assignments for this class off your WikiName page, using it to sign contributions to collective work, and keeping track of contributions you make to the wiki. Readers and contributers to the wiki use this page to see who they are working with, to better understand where - and who - the contributions are coming from.

You can also use the page as a publishing space for non-bloggy work, cutting links back and forth between this wiki and your blog.

This is a [[ FishBowl]] wiki: Only those who know how to log on can edit it, but the world can see it. You're introducing yourselves to me, each other and to visitors to this wiki - and we get a lot of them.

**Assignment**: Create a WikiName page for this course.

If you used the tutorial to get started on your WikiName page, you can delete what you don't want to use and edit what you do want to use.

Review how to edit on the GettingStarted page. GettingStarted addresses how to add images to wiki pages. You can use your own page to practice.

You might want to see how others have approached their WikiName page at [[PastParticipants]]. Watch for pages that give information about the writer, as well as links to other pages and sites.

Your blog and this wiki page exist independently: Visitors who see your blog may not see your work on the wiki, and vice versa. So the wiki page has to stand alone but can be (should be) linked to your blog and other online spaces you occupy.

From the [[HomePage]], go to your WikiName page.

**Design** this page, including
- a short bio or resumé-ish kind of thing.
- a link to your preferred email address.
- a link to your blog
- annotated links to other pages or web sites.
- anything else you wish to add.

Use h2 and h3 headings and lists to create a structured - organized - page. Refer to the StyleGuide and GettingStarted. FormattingRules goes into more detail, if you're up for it.

Images: You can embed images in the page by adding the raw url to the image. See GettingStarted for the code, or grab it from a page that uses an image. Please use images you have rights to, and/or provide a link to the source.

=== Adding Pages ===
You can add pages that become part of this wiki. To do so, go to an appropriate page and use a WikiWord to create the new page. Usually, the page title sets the topic of writing for the page. But pages must have unique titles. So, if you start pages for your own use on the wiki - which I encourage you to do - use your WikiName name or your initials as part of the title. Like this:

- MyTakeOnLambMorganMC
- FirstResponseToTheWikiMCM

If a page already exists, you'll know it as soon as you try to save. Change the name.

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