Sentences About Writing On A Wiki

SigningYourWork - I edited this page, started by MelissaMcNeill. I added more information to make it more valuable for the reader and gave the formatting a boost to make it more organized- my favorite thing to do! And ironically, I'm still not sure how the signature works. It isn't placed where I want it to be. Not sure if that is controllable or not. Also, I still have questions about ThreadMode and DocumentMode signing etiquette.. above the below, but below the upper, or something like that???

WikisAreUgly- Not surprisingly, I am interested in this topic, so I chose to leave a reply on this page. I really like the question posed by KaitlynStewart: Is a Blog more of a representation of ourselves in a current time, situation, or experience and is a Wiki more of a presentation of information and ideas that can be constantly changed or edited? It really got me thinking... My reply is on the page if you are interested in knowing my response to it... for now.

WritingOnAWiki- I started a list of types of wikis one may choose to use. This is just a small list to start and can definitely be expanded! I really want to explore the uses for wikis in the classroom, but I didn't know where to add this information. I think it fits on this page about how to write on a wiki. I linked to a new page I created called WikisInTheClassroom and added the information I have found so far there.

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