1. Collaborative Writing --Added a Collaborative Writing Games section, started with Exquisite Corpse

2. Individual Creativity On The Wiki -- Added some thoughts on how beneficial sharing knowledge and giving up on always chasing credit is to a greater understanding.

3. TheAudience --Added a remark aimed at refocusing ideas away from "TheAudiance" as readers and onto the wiki participants themselves. Creators as the audience.

Thoughts on Additions

"Politeness is the poison of collaboration." Edwin Land

A lot of potential for good things happens when you give people the power to be anonymous. It erases away the fear of retaliation or judgment for ones contribution on a wiki. But, one doesn't need to be anonymous one can claim "credit" for ones work if they so choose.

--Exquisite Corpse--
And collaborations should allow each member to contribute without fear of a dumb idea, and that's what anonymity offers, but so too does the Exquisite Corpse as each contribution is so small one cannot be held responsible for a poor final product. So, in an effort to add this feeling of joviality and a sense of non-judgment I added this game and the game section.

--Individual Creativity--

You can watch the giant Wikipedia grow, and atleast one study suggested that most Wikipedia editors started out anonymous. That's why I find the idea that wiki authors may now be able to be scanned alarming. The potential to detect CIA operatives, big corporations, and stamp out trolls is nice, but doesn't it also have the nasty downside that others might feel they are no longer truly anonymous? What effect does anonymity have on creativity? Interesting section-- added only a small bit.

--The Audience--

A reoccurring theme with many subjects discussed on this wiki. Can be a big anchor that stops real work for being done, as the ship won't ever leave the harbor if the every wants to not risk losing and audience, or doing something that might offend. Though the important concept at least for me is that you can be both the contributor and the intended audience.

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