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====Second Wiki Notes====

===Wiki etiquette and rules===
- It's generally acceptable to be enthusiastic about editing a page. Some wikis suffer from lack of editing and interaction more than over-interaction.
- It's a good rule to not edit or [[ refactor]] active or live content (that is, a page that has a recent contributor working heavily). This is not only polite, but it also prevents confusion and disagreement. Too many people working on one page at any given moment might end up tearing the page to shreds instead of improving it.
- Refactoring means to make content easier to read or understand without changing its meaning. This process has an emphasis on revision - to fix spelling errors, grammar, word choice, factual inaccuracies.
- It's not acceptable to edit tamper with, or delete pages and content that you're not interested in even if its informal and ugly. Since wikis are constantly in a process of revision, and each wiki has many contributors, sometimes content(even if it is not currently useful or comprehensible) will be useful to another contributor, so sometimes it is best to leave information where it is instead of messing with it.
- Before you go around editing other pages, its generally a good idea fix your own wiki and keep your own page tidy.
- It's a good idea to keep in mind [[ wikilove]]. Following the general etiquette and respect between contributors is important for being productive and focusing effort on what truly matters - the wiki. Wikis are not places to have personal arguments or squabbles.
- [[ Source for some of these notes]]
- After reading CollaborationConventions the rules of this wiki seem to be to sign your own contributions and comments when editing or adding to pages. Pages that are signed by an individual means that that individual has ownership and otherwise control of the page. Pages that aren't signed are part of this general wiki. Content is ultimately up to the page owner, who picks and chooses which comments and suggestions to add to his/her page while others may revise.
- CollaborateRadically is a different approach to what I've described above . It essentially means to jump in and edit content and add unrefined and unapproved content without signing.
- ThreadMode is an informal and under-construction way of writing on wikis. From my understanding, ThreadMode is a discussion about how a page should be developed into a more formal document. This mode welcomes comments, open suggestions, and a personal voice (at first). This is a mode in which contributors generally develop pages into DocumentMode
- DocumentMode is the more formal style of writing on a wiki. These pages are usually in third person and technical. Pages in this mode are the collective property of the wiki. Typically discussion and suggestion does not occur on these pages. Instead, contributors are invited to revise, reconfigure, and refactor these pages.
- Write only factual information, be concrete(not abstract), be concise.
- Organize material for the emphasis on the flow of ideas and content rather than the order in which information was contributed.
- Delete content only if it adds to the value of a page, and edit only when you feel as though a page is lacking.
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