Hello, world!

Bonjour! I am a junior transfer student in my first year at Bemidji State. I plan on majoring in English and graduating next year, maybe by the end of Fall Semester. I still do not really know how I will use my degree, but I do know that I do NOT want to teach English, and that I enjoy writing. In fact, my indecisiveness in regards to a future career was what prompted me to enroll in this course. I need to gain experience in various types of writing, and I am looking forward to gaining at least some experience in, obviously, weblog and wiki writing this semester (imagine that!).
I look forward to getting better acquainted with all of you through this course. Happy writing!

Hobbies and Interests

I have several which include, but are not limited to, literature (especially British), playing the piano and flute, swimming, SCUBA diving, horses, other languages, and international travel (especially European).
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