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a developing list of refactoring strategies

Keep in mind that RefactoringPages is preserving meaning (or holding it stable momentarily) by rearranging the material to bring that meaning out: make it more pronounced, easier to find and understand.

But in addition, refactoring can be done in such a way as to keep the ThreadMode moving and pouring into a developing DocumentMode.

Here are some strategies for do so.

& Writers: have a look at the links to other wikis on refactoring as you consider how you actually go about it.
& start the list here, incorporating links to other sources.

====Strategy: Clean and clear====
Move threads into DocumentMode, then clean out the threads in such a way as to open further ThreadMode development
refactoring to address reading.

====Strategy: Name ====

Some of the refactoring techniques listed on Wiki:RefactoringWikiPages are designed to address participant concerns: starting new pages, renaming pages, moving material to the top, creating emphasis, etc.

Wiki presents a list of strategies addressing reading -

* Wiki:ConvertThreadModeToDocumentMode
* Wiki:RefactorByCondensingConversation
* Wiki:RefactorByCondensingQuestionAnswerPair
* Wiki:RefactorWhileRespectingSignatures
* Wiki:RefactorByExtractingToPage
* Wiki:RefactorMoveToFront

The idea is to maintain ThreadMode even while refactoring to keep the page evolving. To evolve here means to move from thread to document.

* Wiki:SeparateThreadsFromContent

refactoring and transitional / relational moments

Others present page patterns.

* Wiki:ThereforeBut
* Wiki:ThesisAntithesisSynthesis

One refactoring move is to indicate the internal relational structure of the page, eg. separating/linking parts with therefore... or But... (see Wiki:ThereforeBut). This sounds shrewd: it not only addresses reading and understanding, but makes explicit the (organically initiated and developed) structure that has arisen in the collaboration.
others to come

see PagePatterns on NotesTowards?

* RefactoringPages

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